Geek My Website

  • ​A new design of your personal or business website, using an online website builder like Wix or WordPress​

  • Layout of graphics, including initial graphic setup using custom or stock photos

  • Usage of online tools, like payment forms, cloud storage, and social media

  • Walkthrough of domain name purchase and website builder service and domain/site transfer

  • SEO service including keywords, page SEO, and site SEO

  • Advanced design of storefront, galleries, blogs, bookings, and more

  • Integrate business solutions and third-party apps and forms​

I'm a Wix Expert!

  • Modern Page Design

  • SEO Optimization

  • Webmail Connect

  • Social Medial Design

  • Domain Transfer

  • Stock Images

  • Content Writing

  • Favicon Creation

  • Form Creation

  • Blog Design

  • Store Setup

  • Document Management

  • Third-Party App Integration

  • Domain Management


Copyright: Amber Caceres/Geek My Services

Danbury, Texas