Terms of Service


My edit, your credit: ​I edit and write and design your content, but it remains yours. Feel free to use, change, or share the text that I write for you to your heart's content. If your project contains third-party images, text, videos, or other content, I'll take due diligence to credit the ownership, but it is your ultimate responsibility to make sure there is no copyright infringements. 

My website: My website is mine. Do not copy or steal any ideas, writing, or graphics, or forms from my website.

Plagiarism Notice

I do not tolerate nor provide service for any form of plagiarized document or content. By using my services, you agree that any document you submit is your own work and not borrowed or stolen from any other person or entity. 

Scope of Work

I will make revisions until you are satisfied with the work, as long as it remains within the boundaries of our initial agreement. For example, website design includes one design draft, and revisions include text and image replacements, color changes, and addition of standard features. It does not include a total redo unless we come to a new agreement.


Any changes outside of our agreement, such a total redesign, additional site pages, or addition of premium features, will be considered a new project and my services will need to be purchased accordingly.

Project Schedule

When I receive your project, I will contact you as soon as possible to discuss the details. Then we can work out a suitable time frame with a written agreement. Website design and resumes generally take 3 to 5 business days to complete a first draft. 


Your information will always remain private. I am the only person with access to your project information. Any download links will be shared with you using Google Drive's direct share by email or "Anyone with the link" setting. You will be the only person with a link (as emailed directly from me to you when the project is complete). I will never share your contact information with anyone.


I retain copies of project documents and graphics in a private folder after the project is complete, and I will delete and clear caches when purging old project folders. If you want me to remove all project files and folders beforehand, please let me know in writing and I will remove them within one week of the request.

Passwords & Third-Party Accounts

Depending on your project, I may need to access third-party accounts on your behalf. In these cases, you may need to provide me account login information, including your email and password, so that I can get in and complete work.

Such instances include:

  • Social media and profiles, such as Facebook and LinkedIn

  • Web hosting and domain accounts, such as Wix and GoDaddy

  • Google Drive or Dropbox folders that we share

  • Google search console and google analytics

  • Galleries or libraries

  • Online tools and services

  • Network or document passwords, if access is a part of our contract

I will only use your login for agreed purposes only. Nevertheless, it is strongly recommended to take all cyber security measures and reset your passwords after your project is complete.

When the project is complete, you may remove my access to your website, online tools, or services at any time. I will also remove your access to mutual services and tools upon successful completion, as needed, according to our project agreements.

Payment Methods

I use PayPal for online payments. When payment is due, I will either send you an invoice or a PayPal.Me link. Or, you may use the Pay Now button on my website. Payment is due upon receipt.

For all website designs and projects above $200, half of the price is due upon starting, and the remaining half is due upon project completion. For work involving a signed contract, payment terms will be included in the contract.

Emails are considered written agreements and will be honored as such and proof for services rendered.

Geek My Disclaimer

I reserve the right to collect payments on work rendered per the terms of our project agreements, including those listed out in emails or texts, job boards, contracts, etc. I will withhold final products until payment is received as necessary and according to our project agreements. 

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